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Showing posts with label bitcoin sites. Show all posts
Showing posts with label bitcoin sites. Show all posts

Bitcoin cryptocurrency jumps above $ 1,000 for the first time in 3 years

Bitcoin digital currency started the new year by rising above the $ 1,000 level for the first time in three years on Sunday, after it outperformed all currencies issued by central banks in 2016 when it jumped 125 percent.


It is worth noting that "Bitcoin" is a currency used in transactions over the Internet and is not controlled by any central authority, as the currency relies instead on thousands of computers around the world that verify the correctness of transactions and add more Bitcoins to the system.


Bitcoin jumped 2.5 percent to $ 1,022 on Bitstamp trading platform, the highest level since December 2013.

Finally, the inventor of the virtual currency "Bitcoin" reveals himself for the first time

The inventor of the virtual currency Bitcoin was known in the past under the pseudonym "Satoshi Nakamoto", but today his real name and personality were officially announced for the first time, "Craig Wright", a prominent Australian businessman who was able to provide technical evidence to the media about his initiative, as He said he used the encryption key that was associated with his first Bitcoin transaction.

According to a report from the British BBC website, the codes that were presented are closely related to the virtual currency models that are known to belong to Satoshi Nakamoto, which shows that he may be the same person, and he said that he preferred to be throughout these years away from the light in order to avoid people chasing him .

It is noteworthy that the virtual currency "Bitcoin" has gained wide popularity and popularity on the Internet since Nakamoto announced it in 2008 and in 2009 the system was launched in front of the public who can deal with this money without intermediaries, and it is used to buy products on the Internet, and most of its use is in Buy dangerous goods.

Bitcoin virtual currency price rises to a high of $ 1,400

The price of Bitcoin currencies rose to its highest level, reaching 1,400 US dollars on Tuesday, after it increased more than three times over the past year, as the recent rise is due to the strong demand for this currency in Japan, after the digital process was considered a legal means of payment.

According to what was published by the British telegraph website, "Cryptocompare", which is a data 

site that analyzes the trading of Bitcoin currencies across dozens of exchanges around the world, said that about 50% of the trading volume in the last 24 hours was on the Bitcoin / Japanese Yen exchange rate.

"Japan has recently strengthened its approach to Bitcoin by treating it legally as a form of payment, approving it and introducing it into the regulatory folds," said Charles Hayter, founder of the site, adding that China's campaign on exchanges could also be considered a positive step for the industry as well.

Chinese authorities have increased controls over exchanges this year, forcing them to start charging fees on trading after becoming concerned about Bitcoin speculation and the possibility of using it to launder money.

The price of Bitcoin rose 3% on Tuesday on the Bitstamp Stock Exchange in Europe, where it was traded in dollars, to reach $ 1,437, the highest since its launch in 2008, and this represents an increase of more than 200% over its price in early May of the year. the past.

Russia is considering introducing the virtual "Bitcoin" currency into banking transactions

Russia Today said that Alexei Moisiev, Deputy Russian Finance Minister, revealed in an interview with Bloomberg Economic Agency that the country's authorities may enter the virtual currency Bitcoin into circulation in 2018.


According to the Russian official, it is possible to classify "Bitcoin" as a "financial product", after which all the rules for combating illegal transactions will apply to it.


"The state must know, at every moment, what the costs are to both sides of this financial chain .. the participants in the transactions must have sufficient information about them," Moisyev said, "It is likely that Bitcoin will be widely distributed in Russia."


According to Bloomberg, the Russian Central Bank is studying with the government the possibility of introducing digital currencies into banking transactions.


In February, the deputy head of the Russian regulator, Olga Skorobogatova, said that the government would decide the matter by mid-2017.


Russian officials have repeatedly opposed putting up virtual currencies in the financial market, due to the money laundering and terrorist financing they may be exposed to.


And "Bitcoin", a virtual currency designed by an unknown person known as "Satoshi Nakamoto", and is somewhat similar to known currencies such as the dollar, the euro and other currencies.

How is the "Bitcoin" virtual currency produced?

During the past few months, many news about the virtual "Bitcoin" currency have spread, and this is after the significant increase in its market value and price, as it reached 17 thousand US dollars earlier this month, but there are many questions that still baffle some, The most prominent of which is how Bitcoin is produced.


Bitcoin production method
Bitcoin can be produced from anywhere in the world through a process called "mining".

This process requires a long time, a strong computer, and a program dedicated to mining, which is downloaded for free from the Internet.

- The program processes complex algorithms and after that the coin is issued.

The difficulty of the operation depends on the speed and power of the device.

The currency is exchanged between one person and another through a cryptographic key.


It is worth noting that the value of Bitcoin now reaches one billion and 200 million dollars, and there are more than 1000 sites on the Internet that accept payment, such as stores, companies and many restaurants.

A young man accidentally disposes of Bitcoins valued at £ 74 million

An IT worker said that he accidentally threw a hard drive containing hypothetical "Bitcoin" coins, now worth more than £ 74 million, and James Howells notes that the hard drive is now buried under thousands of tons of rubbish in landfills. Waste in Newport, Wales.

Bitcoin is the most famous digital currency in the world at the present time, which is witnessing a staggering increase in its value despite not being owned by the vast majority of people, and the price of Bitcoin reached more than 11,000 US dollars last Sunday night, with its price increasing by 1,000. % Since the beginning of the year.

James explained that he got rid of the hard drive in 2013, and completely forgot that it contains the basis for the currencies that he mined in 2007, and pointed out that there are a large number of people who have been exposed to such incidents because no one expected the value of Bitcoin to reach To this limit.

Bitcoin trading experience the price of the currency rises by $ 3,000 in one day

For the first time since its emergence, the virtual currency Bitcoin became one of the currencies traded on the Chicago Stock Exchange, after its price exceeded the value of $ 15,000 and $ 460.

Bitcoin for those who do not know it is a virtual digital currency that appeared recently and its price began to rise over time until it reached this figure. This currency, which first appeared in 2009, is based on electronic systems, as it does not have a central bank, and it is bought and sold electronically via digital exchanges.

With the rise in the price of the currency and the start of its circulation on the Chicago Stock Exchange, we tried to conduct a trading experiment as something that many may resort to in the coming period, and with a desire to learn more about this currency and try to provide advice to those who wish to trade, we did this experiment.

Searching for "Bitcoin" in Arabic on the Google search engine is enough to help you start trading. As soon as you type the word, you will find a number of websites in Arabic and English and an explanation of how to trade it.

Trading on these sites is not completely safe. According to the research we conducted on the risks of trading, pirates steal information on different accounts.

Among the sites that allow trading in Arabic, we found a site that confirms that it belongs to the Central Bank, which is something we have not confirmed until writing these words. Do central banks grant legitimacy to this type of site, and what are the central banks that cooperate with it and how.

Bitcoin falls below $ 13,000 ... and is heading for the worst week since 2013

Bitcoin fell below $ 13,000 today, Friday, after losing about a third of its value in just five days, as the digital currency headed to record the worst week since 2013 after a strong rise to a peak level close to $ 20,000 on Sunday.
The largest and most famous digital currency has increased by 20 times since the beginning of the year, jumping from less than a thousand dollars to 16 thousand and 666 dollars on the Bitstamp Stock Exchange in Luxembourg on Sunday and exceeded 20 thousand dollars in other exchanges.
But Bitcoin has fallen on a daily basis since then, and the loss accelerated on Friday. The currency fell to 12,560 dollars in Bitstamp, recording a decline of about 20 percent during the day.
By 0850 GMT, the currency was trading down 15 percent at 13,320 dollars, heading to its worst week in more than three months.

Morgan Stanley: Bitcoin's true value could be 'zero'

Although the price of Bitcoin reached nearly $ 20 thousand during this year, before it returned again to decline, economists indicate that it has failed most of the tests to prove its usefulness as a currency, as the value fluctuates greatly, and it is not universally accepted, And people don't mainly use it to buy products.


Analysts say that digital currencies do not have any intrinsic value, nor are they guaranteed to be used for payment.


The famous analyst, James Fawcett from Morgan Stanley and his team sent a research note to clients a few days ago indicating that the real value of Bitcoin may be zero, and he identified some of the reasons that make it very difficult to have a value for these digital currencies, as they are not the same as common currencies. On them, and not like gold.


He added that the value of Bitcoin differs from real currencies, which, if their value rapidly depreciates, can intervene to stop this decline, while it is not possible to intervene in any way to protect this new currency.

Find out what is behind the Bitcoin price rising again

Bitcoin virtual currency prices rose by more than 10% in two trading sessions after the "Wall Street Journal" reported that the Founders Fund investment company affiliated with billionaire "Peter Thiel" had raised hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to digital currencies. The report also said that it bought worth 15 to 20 million virtual coins, and managed to make a big profit.


Bitcoin jumped to $ 14,951 today after it had fallen to $ 13,354 on January 1, and the currency’s price fluctuates continuously according to many different changes and factors.


It is worth noting that Peter Thiel is a famous businessman and investor, who started PayPal in 1998 and was able to create a new era of online commerce in a fast and secure manner. He is a partner in the Founders Fund, a venture capital company that financed companies such as SpaceX and Airbnb.


According to another report, the Vice President of Nduom Group advised Bank of Ghana to expand its investments by placing some of its money in Bitcoin.

How is Bitcoin mined?

Curiosity about the origin and method of mining Bitcoin reached its peak during 2017, thanks to the significant increase in its value, and despite recent fluctuations in its price, there is still a great demand for using this virtual currency.

There is one question that comes to everyone's mind when talking about Bitcoin, which is what is the "mining" process that produces these virtual currencies, so we offer the following to answer all your questions:

Bitcoin is created by a mathematical formula, or algorithm, and it is basically a set of computer codes that are digitally signed every time Bitcoin is sent from one owner to another.

New batches of bitcoin are produced every 10 minutes, and supplies are limited, as it started with 50 coins in January 2009, and over time, new batches are produced every 10 minutes.

- The process of producing and launching new money is called "mining", and the number of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million coins only, a number that is expected to be reached by the year 2140, and so far, only about 16.7 million Bitcoins have been produced.

- These coins can be mined by anyone willing to devote their computer power to the production of virtual currencies, and this means that Bitcoin is produced by users by relinquishing the capabilities of computers to verify other users' transactions.

Coins can also be bought and sold on stock exchanges in US dollars and other currencies.

Bitcoin producers use open source software to accomplish tasks, as all transactions can be anonymous.

- All Bitcoin transactions are confirmed. At first, Bitcoin producers confirm the validity of new Bitcoin transactions awaiting to be recorded in a public registry, and after that, a unique ID number, which was generated by the Bitcoin format, must be decoded and the confirmed records added to the known logbook. As "blockchain".

The blockchain preserves the history of every Bitcoin transaction to the public, as the blockchain constitutes the permanent history of every Bitcoin transaction that has ever been made, and in this way it prevents the blockchain from spending the same bitcoin twice.

Ethereum what is

For years, electronic currencies have developed strongly and spread to impose themselves on the world of finance and business in a way that made experts expect that electronic currencies will be the currencies of the near future. Although Bitcoin is the first, most widespread, and highest-valued currency in the cryptocurrencies market, it is not the only currency nowadays, but there are many other options available as a good number of new electronic currencies have emerged that They operate on the same principle, with differences in details and the size of the popularity these coins have.

Ethereum, which is the second digital currency in the world in terms of popularity, size and value, follows Bitcoin in market value so far, and the Ethereum coin has grown very well in the recent period, making its market value exceed the $ 18 billion. Here we write to you about the most important facts related to the currency of Ethereum and what you need to have knowledge of in a way that will benefit you whenever you decide to enter the digital currency market.

Economists at Arab Financial are advising all Arab investors in the Ethereum currency on the best sites with legitimate Islamic accounts by clicking on the link!

The origins of Ethereum
Ethereum was launched for the first time in August 2015 to be added to the basket of digital currencies (Cryptocurrencies), which is competing for Bitcoin, which is topping the scene so far, and since its launch, it has grown and developed very quickly, making its market price rise from $ 2.8 when it was launched to reach 200 dollars in the recent period, at a time when many other digital currencies have not succeeded in achieving the same popularity and spread, despite their launch at about the same time.

How Ethereum works
Whether it is Ethereum, Bitcoin, or other digital currencies, the digital currency system is based on a single database called the blockchain, regardless of the currency difference. With regard to the Ethereum currency, it is defined as a decentralized digital information system that is done through electronic computers linked to each other and spread all over the world, these computers use applications through which many orders related to smart contracts are executed in a very, very complex way, and it requires a lot of Information protocols are similar to the conclusion of common financial contracts, but they are implemented after subjecting to many requirements and requirements in a way that is difficult to simulate or fraud. All of these digital protocols are not subject to any authority or government at all, and no party is able to control the mining or exchange of Ethereum like other currencies.

Ether and the decentralized Ethereum system
It is true that everyone calls Ethereum the word electronic currency, but the truth is that the electronic currency associated with this decentralized system is Ether, which is a programmatic process launched by the huge decentralized system known as Ethereum.

Comparison between Ethereum and Bitcoin
We cannot consider Ethereum as a currency like Bitcoin, even if Ethereum produces its Ether currency, Ethereum in its basic content works to serve the users of the platform by providing an Ethereum wallet that people use for the applications they are developing. As for Bitcoin, it is a clear digital currency that is being prepared to replace traditional currencies.

The supply of Ethereum is unlimited: The availability of Ethereum is limitless and is not affected by the use of individuals, while the supply of Bitcoin is limited and affected by the coin makers themselves, and it is assumed that the manufacture of Bitcoin will end by the year 2140.
Ethereum trades more quickly: Bitcoin exchanges take up to 10 minutes to complete the trade process, while Ethereum is processed in just 15 seconds.
Ownership of Ethereum: While Bitcoin is the property of the individuals who manufacture it, especially the first of them, the Ethereum currency is financed by collective parties, which is considered a matter that serves Ethereum financiers and makers in the near term (expected within 5 years).
Ether recognition indicators
The huge decentralized system known as Ethereum is available to everyone through highly complex protocols and algorithms, through which Ether is exchanged and new currencies are produced from it. As for the ether currency itself, it rises and falls on the Internet according to the increase in demand for it or the decline in 

demand. In the past year and the current year, the urgency has increased on the need to recognize these electronic currencies as a kind of official currency, and it has already happened and many authorities have recognized them as official currencies such as Microsoft, Intel and some international banks, in addition to many other institutions that are increasing in number every day. day.

Factors affecting the value of the Ether coin or the Ethereum system
Certainly, Ethereum is the primary decentralized system through which the coin is produced (Ether)), but a very large sector of people tend to use Ethereum as a name for the currency when talking about currency to the extent that many sites specialized in currency trading use the name Ethereum, not ether, perhaps for the convenience of traders.

But regardless of the naming of the currency, what is meant remains one thing whose value is affected by many factors that drive the market value of the currency to rise or fall. Here are the most important of these factors:

The market value of Ether increases as the number of agencies that recognize and approve it as a type of parameter increases.
Also, the more applications that rely on this currency, the greater its market value.
The strength of the decentralized system, which guarantees safety and the inability of any party to drive

How to open a BTC account

People have increased their interest in searching for winning opportunities on the Internet in addition to having fun through social media, and there has been a rush to profit methods, and many sites that provide this have appeared, such as betting sites that are spreading, especially in countries that prohibit betting games on the ground. Trading foreign money and its role emerged after the invention of an official currency for it that can be traded and profitable, including "Bitcoin" (BTC), which is considered one of the highest priced currencies, as it surpasses the dollar, the euro and other currencies. But what is Bitcoin? How to open a Bitcoin account? What is the extent of benefit and profit from this account? This is what we will mention in this topic for those looking for bitcoin and opening an account in it.

We advise Arab investors to open an account and trade Bitcoin digital currency BTC on the best licensed and legal trading site by clicking on the link!

What is BTC?
It is a cryptocurrency that is used on the Internet that cannot be used in stores, cafes and other real places in the real world unless these stores and others deal in this currency, as it is a decentralized electronic currency that is not at the disposal of any banks, parties or governments that derive their power from people The policy of supply and demand is the one that controls it, a global currency that can be converted into any other currency, but it retains its value, as it is considered the easiest and best electronic currency and has a wonderful future.

You may need to open an actual Bitcoin account for your benefit from it, as you will find many online product selling sites offering a 10% reduction in the price of their product if you pay with Bitcoin, it is really an attractive and useful thing, and regardless of this point, you will find that Bitcoin has many advantages, including the following:

The transfer in Bitcoin (btc) is done directly without the need for an intermediary, i.e. between the seller and the buyer directly.
Taxes on transfers are very low compared to other currencies.
Used in any country in the world.
You are the only owner of your account, so no party or anyone can freeze your account.
There are no limits to transfers.
The process of opening a BTC account
In order to get all the previous advantages, you must have an account in one of the electronic banks that specialize in these currencies, and the Block Chain bank is one of the most famous banks that deal in this currency, and registering with Block Chain bank and opening an account in it is one of the easiest banks and you can withdraw your balance on it from Any company that deals with Bitcoin currency and you can deal directly with the online electronic banking broker, and here are the steps to register and open a Bitcoin account:

You must enter the bank via its link, https://blockchain.info.
After entering from the link of the bank, you will find the page for creating an account or a new wallet in Block Chain Bank.
In order for you to receive Bitcoin, you must type your email address and password.
You must be sure that the password is correct and that it is good and safe, that is, it consists of letters and numbers in the English language, then choose the word continue, which means complete, and click on it.
After completing these steps, an important page will appear for you with a very important sentence, which is the only key to your password and your account in a Block Chain bank. It must be kept away from anyone, preferably in a special external paper, and you should not keep it on the computer or the affiliate e-mail. You to ensure confidentiality.
After these procedures, click on the word Continue, and then you will find the bank automatically opens the login page for you, and you will find a confirmation message on your email that the account has been activated.
You will find the “Link” link to enter and the link to activate your e-mail and “Confirmation Code”, which is the code that you will write when withdrawing and depositing in your e-wallet, keep it with the rest of the previous information.
After the previous steps, you will find a link to activate your e-mail on your e-mail, click on it, and the bank will direct you to a confirmation page, and with this the e-mail will be confirmed successfully.
Click on the word "Login Now". The login page for your Block Chain Bank account will appear. You will find the login name automatically.
Register your password and enter your account in the bank, after that you will find your home page started and you will find your code at the bottom of the page. Keep it as your code and you will use it with the rest of the companies that deal with electronic currency (Bitcoin) to receive money on it, and thus it was completed And activate the Bitcoin digital currency account.
How Bitcoin Works
Bitcoin (btc) is a smart currency that you can convert into another currency you want, whether the dollar, the euro or any other currency. After collecting bitcoins through grants or selling a specific product, they are added to your online account and you can access them and learn how they are going through your mobile phone. At any time you want to exchange it, you will find many companies and exchanges working in this field.

How to buy BTC
Bitcoin is the currency of the future and it is a fun and available way for everyone who has a Bitcoin account and has a special code for it. You can put your code in the program for the currency and then specify the amount to be paid and then the amount is sent to the desired site and you can buy what you need, and this is of course the same way to receive money To your account.

We advise all clients to trade BTC here!

How to deposit into a Bitcoin account?
In order for you to deposit into the bitcoin account that you opened, you must have another account that you can transfer from, then choose to deposit Bitcoin, then enter the value of the number to be deposited, and then click on Continue, your email address must be registered so that you can contact you In the event that a problem occurs, after clicking on Continue, processing will begin by a third party to complete the Bitcoin transaction, then the window will be loaded.


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