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A young man accidentally disposes of Bitcoins valued at £ 74 million

An IT worker said that he accidentally threw a hard drive containing hypothetical "Bitcoin" coins, now worth more than £ 74 million, and James Howells notes that the hard drive is now buried under thousands of tons of rubbish in landfills. Waste in Newport, Wales.

Bitcoin is the most famous digital currency in the world at the present time, which is witnessing a staggering increase in its value despite not being owned by the vast majority of people, and the price of Bitcoin reached more than 11,000 US dollars last Sunday night, with its price increasing by 1,000. % Since the beginning of the year.

James explained that he got rid of the hard drive in 2013, and completely forgot that it contains the basis for the currencies that he mined in 2007, and pointed out that there are a large number of people who have been exposed to such incidents because no one expected the value of Bitcoin to reach To this limit.

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